Margaret Vail CV and Dossier


I am a Librarian with 13 years of experience in Information Technology including six years specializing in Academic Libraries.

I am passionate about increasing knowledge of STEM through education and hands on experience. As a computer science graduate, I want to increase the number of woman and girls in STEM fields.

I am interested in Digital Preservation and Digital Scholarship concepts such as Open Access, Institutional Repositories, Research Data Management, Records Management, Archives, and Digital Forensics.

Margaret Vail


Ripp, C., Sawchuk, S., Vail, M., & Cooper, A. (2022, June 8). Through the sands of the hourglass, these are the data of our lives—FAIRing the DLI Training Repository [Conference presentation]. IASSIST 2022, Gothenburg, Sweden. /publications/1501.07274.pdf